Monday, March 1, 2010

newnoise1 on chaos and inspiration

With the first two months of 2010 over it could be a good idea to revisit what you want to achieve this year. Perhaps, like me, you need some inspiration.

I started to feel everything was taking a turn for the chaotic earlier this week. I even thought a good first sentence to a novel could be something like The world spiraled into chaos when it struck me that the world couldn't spiral into chaos if it's always been into chaos.

Why else do tables and floors have magnetic powers, invisible to scientists, which attract milk, sauce, dust and wine? Why else does laundry hanging on the washing line have magnetic powers, invisible to scientists, which can cause rain to start pouring from the sky?

Then I accidentally watched a documentary on the Kung Fu Masters. These are the genuine Kung Fu Masters living in temples in Tibet. At least I assumed it's Tibet I missed the part where they mentioned the location.

Kung Fu Masters know how to take control of chaos. While watching them I listed some items that I think are essential for taking control. From the first you notice: absolute discipline, concentration, dedication, repetition, excellent coaching, focus and meditation.

The world may spiral into chaos quite often but, like the Kung Fu Masters, there are things we can do to make it spiral slower. Let your mind first consider the results you want before you drag it down with a hundred activities. For example I want to write a best selling book by the end of 2012 does not yet involve the extreme discipline and dedicated writing you will have to apply to finish the book or sell it.

Meditate, visualize, play with the idea and find exciting angles to the challenges facing you. Having faith and fun is essential when it comes to taking charge of chaos even if it does involve discipline and dedication.