Tuesday, January 12, 2010

newnoise1 on web writing and volcanic mind explosions

Ever feel as if smoke is going to start bubbling from your head? In our times you probably feel as if you're suffering from information overload quite often. It's amazing how you can do so much reading you forget that at some stage you'll have to write it all into a blog post without making it look like some kind of volcanic mind explosion.

So, after much searching, I still have no real answers to how your amazing talents and abilities can lead to overnight riches writing for the web. I can only make some suggestions of things you can try.

If you write short stories, search the web for sites that compile anthologies. Some of these sites pay you for your contribution on acceptance. I can recommend bridgehousepublishing for the fact that their requirements are written in a considerate way without the usual clever, sarcastic, witty and highbrow wording often found under publisher requirements.

Sites that compile anthologies can show you what the latest trends are in writing. The trend at the moment seems to be of the horror/demon/devil variety. Don't despair, there are thousands of sites out there compiling anthologies and one of them will surely want what you write.

I am not sure if this is still relevant but an anthology like Chicken Soup for the Soul paid something like $200 a few years ago on acceptance. I found this information on
absolutewrite a site I can recommend.

Another site worth mentioning is
theshortstory .
See the excellent article Principles of a Story written by Raymond Carver at
They also have a list of about 79 British magazines you can investigate for writing opportunities.

I have a list as long as my arm of other writing sites I'm investigating. Have patience. There are so many items that can be researched when looking for writing opportunities that it's easy to get side tracked.

Other sites I picked up during my reading include:

Writing product reviews
Have a look at the site
sponsoredreviews . Joining is free.

Increasing traffic to your blog
Here I found a site called
blog-connection that lists all the networks you can submit your URL to and hopefully increase traffic to your site.

Writing for publishers
I am trying out
triond . It's still going to take a while before anything happens
. . . I've only managed four articles so far.

About.com is also looking for writers. You will need to work very closely with editors so you will need a lot of time to write and probably have to be some kind of expert.
about.com is one of my favorite sites. They have the Investment for Beginners section that is filled to the brim with advice and information.

Researching the internet
If you want to do internet research and write about it I can recommend
internetworldstats as a good place to start.

Leave a comment and let me know what's working for you when it comes to writing for the web!

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