Monday, November 2, 2009

newnoise1 on how to save your news release from the trash can

How to save your news release from the trash can, things to avoid

  • Editors see thousands of exclamation marks in a day, this makes them . . . rant.
  • Using abbreviations such as FPSDC or acronyms such as DoP with no explanation of what it stands for. Write it out fully the first time it's used in a sentence: Fizzy Pop Soft Drink Company (FPSDC) or Drugs out Program (DoP). In fact try not to use abbreviations and acronyms it means double work as you will have to market the product name and the acronym.
  • Bold, underlined capitals. This is overkill. The only reason I do it in my blog titles is that I can't figure out how to change the title settings.
  • Announcing things and being proud of it. Editors don't care how proud you are of anything. Except if stated discretely in your last sentence about something that you are quite sure is utterly interesting to be proud of.
  • Using two words where one will do. . . 'The company is proud to announce the launch . . . ' versus 'The company plans to launch . . .'
  • Using words editors don't understand make them . . . rant.
  • Not getting to the point quickly. This must happen in your first sentence.
  • Spelling your managing director's name wrong.
  • Sharing what will happen but not where . . . or when.
  • Assuming an editor will think your event is as great as you think it is.

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